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Group Training

Group Training is a professional training and employment scheme. Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria (PAV) is a Group Training Organisation (GTO). We recruit future and current apprentices under an Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract and place them with ‘host’ employers to gain qualifications and skills at trade school and get hands-on experience.

Our Group Training scheme creates quality employment and training opportunities for plumbing apprentices and can provide a range of experience in a number of different businesses. 

Go with PAV and get paid while you start your plumbing career in a safe and supportive environment.

Group Training makes it easy for apprentices and employers

Under the contract, PAV employs the apprentice. We manage the contract and the apprentice, leaving you free to do what you do best - run your business.

PAV is responsible for:

  • selecting and recruiting plumbing apprentices
  • wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/holiday pay and other employment benefits
  • managing quality and continuity of training, both on and off the job
  • providing extra ongoing support so the apprentice successfully completes the Apprenticeship/Traineeship Training Contract

Find out more

Contact our Group Training Scheme Manager to discuss becoming an Group Training apprentice or employ apprentices under the scheme.


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