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Types of plumbing

The plumbing industry offers a wide range of occupations across six major specialisations. 

Water supply

Water supply plumbers can:

  • Install hot/ cold water supply to bathrooms and kitchens
  • Install hot water systems including solar systems
  • Connect rainwater tanks for garden irrigation and flushing toilets

Sanitary plumbing

Sanitary plumbers can:

  • Install sanitary fixtures such as toilets, basins and sinks
  • Install suspended drains, waste pipes and connect to fixtures
  • Clear blockages in sanitary drains


Gasfitting plumbers can:

  • Install and test gas hot water services, heaters and cooktops
  • Install and test LPG and natural gas fitting lines


Roofing plumbers can:

  • Fabricate and install metal roofing, gutters and downpipes
  • Install skylights and vents in roofs
  • Work outdoors and at heights


Drainage plumbers can:

  • Dig trenches and lay stormwater and sanitary drains
  • Clear and repair underground drains
  • Install sewerage treatment systems

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services plumbers can:

  • Install hydronic heating, ducted heating, evaporative coolers and splits
  • Fabricate and install sheet metal ductwork

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