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Employing apprentices

Investing in training by employing a plumbing apprentice can provide your business with real benefits and contribute to your business bottom line.

Plumbing Apprenticeships Victoria's placement service has been designed to suit your business, while at the same time providing nationally recognised quality training developed by industry, for industry.

Our apprentices are trained to your business needs and offered at all certificate levels.


Apprentice wages vary according to certain characteristics e.g. years of school completed, years of training, the type of apprenticeship and the industry or occupation. See awards, wages and conditions.

Apart from apprentice wages there is a range of other costs to bear in mind when employing an apprentice, such as covering for them when they attend trade school.

You may also be eligible for a range of government incentives external link icon.

Contact us to find out more about the costs of employing apprentices.

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